Mission & Vision

“Phulwari    The 7 Habits Foundation School”

Believing in above concept, Phulwari has developed its education pattern keeping in view a child’s mental status. Phulwari considered today’s circumstances where a child gets enough exposure and opportunities to learn more and more, there the education is for children. Education system is developed according to child’s requirement; hence enough importance is given to practical and realistic approach.

Phulwari knows that every child is full of energy but this energy should be utilized in positive direction, and tremendous results can be obtained. There must be balance between physical and academicals activities and this balancing helps in overall development of a child. Our curriculum is extra-ordinary as it
imparts social, ethical, moral, cultural and social values among Phulwari kids. We are bound to follow Montessori method of pre-school education which imparts motor skill development, sensorial development, language proficiency, ability of ex- tempore, confidence, orderliness, capacity of management etc.

Phulwari “Mission

To create such a network which can provide playway & joyful learning environment for every child, where they can Head Start the education and learning process in the best possible manner. Where all the students learn by self exploration and own experience. Where understanding of concept is more important than grades. Where energy will be synergies to teach 7 wonderful habits among children. Each child of school should find his/her own way to cope up with the life by virtue of knowledge and experience.

Phulwari “Vision

  • Inculcating 7 Habits among children for their bright
  • To create a dynamic environment where learning becomes joyful
  • Every child should have education accessible equally in affordable
  • Education must be done as a loving
  • To Nurture each child in a Natural
  • Equal opportunities to all the